2013 LAUNA Annual Meeting

  1. cleveland_namaiThe LAUNA annual meeting will be held Saturday November 23 at 11:00 am at the Cleveland Lithuanian House at 877 East 185th Str. , Cleveland , Ohio ( Tel. 216-531-2131 for inquiries ) .
  2. LAUNA Statutes allow the following to participate in the annual meeting as full-fledged members:
    1. elected representatives of LAUNA sports clubs, one representative for every ten members.
    2. Sports club presidents or their authorized representatives
    3. LAUNA Executive committee members and candidates
    4. LAUNA Audit Commission members
    5. LAUNA Court of Honor members.
    6. Sports regional leaders and one regional member.
    7. Sports branch leaders or their representatives
    8. LAUNA honorary members.
    9. Invited guests (up to three ) and the discretions of the LAUNA Executive committee
  3. Representative  that are unable to personally attend the annual meeting may authorize a proxy to attend the meeting
  4. Participants of the annual meeting may only represent their own sports clubs. Under no circumstances can other clubs be represented.
  5. LAUNA administration officials cannot represent other member of the same administration .
  6. Voting membership is based upon 2013 registrations.  Sports club membership in 2013 is the basis for representation.
  7. With the exception of  honorary members, all representatives and LAUNA executive committee members must have registered in 2013.  Voting rights are suspended until 2013 registration is completed.
  8. Sports regions and sport branches are encouraged to prepare written reports in English or Lithuanian .
  9. Sports workers , physical education teachers , sports veterans, representatives of Lithuanian organizations , especially youth organizations are invited to participate in the annual meeting as observers .
  10. The executive Committee will provide a meeting agenda and all required information for the annual meeting by November 10, 2013.
  11. Those wishing to submit proposals , suggestions and get some more detailed information, please contact the executive committee chair, Laurynas Misevicius at 37 Elliot Pl. , Edison , NJ, 08817th Tel . / Fax. : 732-317-9195 , email rytupakrante@yahoo.com .
  12. If a quorum is not realized, a new meeting which will be legitimate irrespective of quorum will be called in a hours time
  13.  In addition to the usual LAUNA Affairs , one of the most important items on the agenda this year will be increases in funding of tournaments, insurance as well as election of the Executive Committee for the next three -year term.

PS Cleveland Lithuanian Citizens Club invites all participants to Eugene Dicevičus concert beginning 8 pm.  Everyone is invited. LAUNA Executive Committee

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