Basketball Tournament Rules

LAUNA games will be governed by National Federation basketball rules, which are used by referees in the U.S. and Canada in high school and modified for men‘s league.

1. REGULATION TIME – All games are stop time (unless noted otherwise) Men‘s A, B and Veterans – two (2) twenty-minute halves. Junior A, B and C – four (4) eight-minute quarters. Junior D, E and Molecules – six (6) four-minute period, running time, and one eight-minute period with the last two (2) minutes stop time.

2. HALF-TIME There will be a five (5) minute intermission at the half with a one-minute break between periods, if any. Half time in Junior D, E and Molecules will be after fourth period.

3. OVERTIME Tie games after regulation will be extended with a three-minute overtime (men will play the first overtime only for five (5) minutes), then after a one-minute rest additional three-minute overtime periods will be played until the game is decided. All overtimes are stop time. An additional timeout is given to each team for any and all overtime periods.

4. DEFAULTS There is a 15-minute default time period from the published start time – five players must be dressed to start. Should there be any extenuating circumstances, then this default can be waived by complete agreement of the two coaches involved and the division convenor.

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