Florida Lithuanian Open Golf Tournament

flo_open2014aGet ready for the Fourteenth Annual Florida Lithuanian Open Golf Tournament (FLO-XIV) on Monday, March 3rd, 2014. Once again, golfers from the United States and beyond will be gathering to participate in this fun tournament and related events. After the winter many of our northern friends have experienced…it’s a great time to be in Florida!

flo_open2014bMost players are of Lithuanian descent, but each year we invite our non-Lithuanian friends to join us to become “Honorary Lithuanians” during this fun time. All are welcome and encouraged to participate. We have added a new golf course this year for the Saturday round: Pasadena Yacht & Country Club, and I’m sure you will enjoy it…it’s a classic!

Our Saturday Welcome Reception will be at the Lithuanian Club Hall once again where we’ll enjoy an evening of delicious food (prepared by Lithuanian chef Angele Straukiene) and beverages on an “all-inclusive” basis. And you’ll get to try your luck with the silent auction, once again.

We continue to support a charity that will benefit from net tournament proceeds this year: Vaiko Vartai I Moksla (Child’s Gate to Learning). Please read more about this worthy cause on the following pages or on their website: www.childgate.org.

So, we’re ready to go, and all we need is …YOU! Please accept my invitation to participate in FLO-XIV, February 27 – March 3. Meet some old friends, make some new ones, enjoy a lot of Florida golf and help support a worthy charity.

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