Happy Lax Tournament

Labas visiems, 

we’ve previously participated in Heritage Cup as the Lithuanian heritage team but that elephant in the room has postponed that event to an unknown date. It’s time to do a little pivot and get people back on the field.

I’d like to send out an invitation to any North American-based players with heritage to Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. Like HC, no one is checking to see if you qualify or anything like that. It’s all honour-based. That stuff is reserved for World Lacrosse events. The date is July 30 – August 1 in Albany, NY. 

We would compete as “Baltic Boys” (generic name at the moment, I have something up my sleeve). The event is called “Happy Lax” and is being put on by the same people who run the Placid tournament. It should be a great event and I’m hoping we can put together a roster to represent the Baltic region.

More information can be found at www.summitlacrosseventures.com/happylax

To keep things separated, drop me a line if you or someone you know might be interested balticboyslax@gmail.com

And yes, we are overdue for a Lithuania Lacrosse update. Hope to have something for you all shortly. 

In the meantime, take care.
Ryan et al. 

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