Heritage Cup 2019 – Lithuania Lacrosse

Hello everyone:


2019 has been off to fantastic start for Lietuva Lakrosas: we held our first in-school practice in Kėdainiai, we met with the the Lithuanian Olympic Committee (LTOK), our website has been given a fresh coat of paint and we’ve begun the process to become officially recognized within the international lacrosse scene (FIL). Since the beginning, our goal has been to develop the sport within Lithuania but in doing so it has become evident that an additional goal is to unite our scattered lacrosse-playing community across North America.


We have 2 upcoming events that will continue this momentum. The first is the Heritage Cup tournament taking place at Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, PA, from May 24-27. You might have seen a post we made on Facebook in regards to it. Attached is a small survey to start getting roster information correlated. The confirmed teams for the tournament are Israel, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Poland, Greece (new), Phillipines (new), Hungary and us.


Last year our playing schedule looked like this:


Friday evening 2 games

Saturday morning 1 game

Sunday morning 1 game

Monday morning 2 games


We can expect this year to look similar. For those unaware, this tournament follows the NCAA Final Four weekend and is scheduled around the 3 Division I games. We have the opportunity to purchase a weekend package of tickets for $40, so that is something to think about to take in during our downtime. The tournament fee will differ between returning and first-time players. This year we’re adding a shooter shirt to the package to help complete the look. Additional details related to playing will follow in future emails.


 Heritage Cup 19


The second is that we have been invited by the Lithuanian Olympic Committee to demonstrate lacrosse at their annual event Olimpinė Diena (Olympic Day) in Klaipėda in June. They are very excited to have us involved, as are we. Last year this event drew close to 27,000 participants! You cannot fathom our excitement at this incredible opportunity to expose lacrosse at this level. We will be there and putting lacrosse on display.


Please feel free to distribute this email to friends or family that will find it of interest. Looking forward to hearing from you!



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