Florida’s Lithuanian Basketball League

We invite you to join the newly created Florida’s Lithuanian Basketball League!
Announce the joyful news to sports fans –  the Lithuanian Basketball League (abbreviated Florida FLKL) was established in the “Sunny” State of Florida.

This organization was founded in Florida at the initiative of LAC Regional board members. An executive committee was elected and is comprised of ten individuals: It has also been elected FLKL Board, consisting of 10 persons: Kęstutis Puodžiukaitis ir Rytis Poškus – Palm Beach, Evaldas Siudikas ir Tadas Strumila – Orlando, Jonas Venčius ir Marius Marcinkevičius -Miami, Tomas Andriekus ir Mindaugas Lekarauskas – Palm Coast, Aurimas Džiugelis, Arvydas Bubulis
Everyone who wants to play basketball – join  a team or start a new teamto the new start-ups to build a team or your team – write and submit an e-mail. Email address floridoslkl@gmail.com. For the 2011 season the first race will be held February 12-13 (tentative, the date may change). Rules and the proposed timetable can be found registered in “Facebook site – Lithuanian Basketball League in Florida.
Currently FLKL has registered the following command: Palm Beach Bison, “Miami” dating “, Orlando and two newly emerging team looking for more players in Palm Coast, Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale area. We are waiting for enthusiasts to join the team or, as mentioned, if you have enough players, take your own team! For more information, contact Arvydas Tel. 561-574-0027.
FLKL Board

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